Hi 🤚🏻 I'm Nazanin.

I’m a Product UI/UX Designer with +4 years of experience based in Tehran, Iran. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a background in front-end development, I bring an engineering perspective and a creative problem-solving approach to make the best experience for users  HUMANS.

HelloPersia PWA Case Study
HelloPersia PWA: Experiences
Product Design Case Study: Making it easier for travelers to see Iran's attractions and local culture.
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Graph Case Study
Graph Logo
Graph ATD: Alarms Overview
Product Design Case Study: Helping Security Analysts to find threats easier and faster.
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Alibaba DLS Case Study
Alibaba Logo
Alibaba DLS: To Be Of Service
Product Design Case Study: Designing a DLS for a Travel Leading Platform.
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Snappkid Case Study
Snapp Logo
Snapp Application: SnappKid!
UI/UX Design Case Study: Making it easier for busy parents who can't give their child a ride.
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